Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Vampire Curse

If you have never watched Dark Shadows (and shame on you if you haven’t!), then Dark Shadows: The Vampire Curse is a great place to start. This DVD condenses the origins of Barnabas Collins (Jonathan Frid) down to a three hour movie.

This movie takes scenes from the "1795" storyline on Dark Shadows and tells how Barnabas became the reluctant vampire. The story also features the beautiful Lara Parker who played the enchanting and evil witch Angelique Bouchard, who should be valued as one of the best villains in soap opera history – she was the character everyone loved, and still loves, to hate. Playboy Barnabas had an affair with Angelique when he visited Martinique on business, before he fell in love with her mistress, Josette DuPres (Kathryn Leigh Scott). When Barnabas refuses Angelique’s advances after she and Josette arrive in America, Angelique decides to destroy him.

This is a great DVD for those who have never been introduced to Dark Shadowsand is also wonderful for fervent fans.

Jonathan Frid as Barnabas Collins
Lara Parker as Angelique
Kathryn Leigh Scott as Josette DuPres
Grayson Hall as Natalie DuPres
Joan Bennett as Naomi Collins & Elizabeth Collins Stoddard
Louis Edmonds as Joshua Collins
Thayer David as Ben Stokes
Anthony George as Jeremiah Collins
Jerry Lacy as Reverend Trask
Clarice Blackburn as Mrs. Johnson
John Karlen as Willie Loomis
David Ford as Andre DuPres
Sharon Smyth as Sarah Collins
Paul Kirk Giles as Reverend Bland
Alexandra Motlke as Victoria Winters

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