Sunday, September 6, 2015

Books, books, and more books

I have a tendency to keep all my books, which leads to a dilemma - where to put them all. I have two large bookcases in my living room crammed full of books, and I have a smaller book case I use for my TBR pile and current readings. I also have bookcases in the bathroom (please, don't even ask), my bedroom, the spare bedroom and my daughters bedroom.

 That being said, I have at least 10 large totes full of books and these are stacked into every available closet space I can find. Of course, this doesn't count the books I have stacked on the end of the couch or piled up on the end tables and nightstands. My goal is to one day have built-in bookcases for the spare bedroom and to turn it into a library slash writing room. But currently, the funds are way too low and I don't have the energy to clean the junk out of the room. This will be a big project over the next few years.

Sometimes on rare occasions, I may donate books to the public library, but that's usually if I end up with duplicates. I favor hardback books over paperback books, so I do sometimes sell paperbacks at yard sales. I also loan out books to family members, and occasionally to a few residents at the local nursing home.

Books play a big part in my family's life - my hubby and youngest daughter love books as much as I do. Books are also the presents we give people at Christmas, birthdays and other special occasions.

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