Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Rainy days

I love dark, damp rainy days. Most people thrive in bright sunshine, but not me. My creativity always seems to peak on days that appear dreary. I don’t know what the fascination is with these kinds of day, but since I was a little girl I have always been drawn to them. When I was in grade school, I would come home on rainy days and Mom would either be cooking or doing the laundry. Either one of these activities would leave our home with delicious smells and steamy windows. I always felt so warm and safe on those types of days.

Rainy days are wonderful for curling up with your favorite book or magazine. As a child I would love to curl up in a recliner, bury under a warm blanket and get lost inTrixie Belden or Betsy or Planet of the Apes. My imagination was free to roam at will, leaving me with many story ideas that I later transferred into my notebooks. I enjoyed writing stories almost as much and I did reading them; and I also liked illustrating my words, even though I am no artist. Christmas was always my favorite subject to write about. I would love trying to draw the things from my stories, or even items from my real life.

Dark spring and summer days make me want to reminisce into my past, dig out scrapbooks and review old journals. I find great romance in things from my past. Sometimes I will review my girls’ baby books. I enjoy reading about their accomplishments and growth. I love looking at pictures in scrapbooks and remembering how I felt at those times.

I always enjoyed being at my Granny Devine’s house when it was rainy or cold. Her house was so tiny, but it felt so homey. Granny was always cooking or baking something and her house was warm and cozy.

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