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Death by Drowning

Abigail Keam

Perfect Paperback: 268 pages
Publisher: Worker Bee Press
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0615429084
ISBN-13: 978-0615429083

In this second installment of the Josiah Reynolds Mysteries – DEATH BY DROWNING - beekeeper-turned-detective Josiah Reynolds is back from the brink of death just in time to solve another Bluegrass murder mystery.

In this brilliant follow-up to DEATH BY A HONEYBEE, Josiah Reynolds' character is increasingly brave as she copes with the pain of recovery, anger, fear and optimism. When she finally returns home to Lexington after a long recovery in Florida, she is determined to solve the mysterious death of a friend’s son. She is living through several sub-plots while still living in fear for her own life because her attacker is found to be alive.

To keep Josiah’s out of harm's way, her daughter hires two personal bodyguards. As Josiah works at healing her body and soul, her nurse Jack and her boarder Matt all rally around her to keep up the beekeeping activities until she can take over again. But they also are looking out for the rogue cop O’Nan, the man responsible for Josiah’s injuries.

Kentucky Author Abigail Keam is also an excellent beekeeper from the Bluegrass Region, having won sixteen honey awards at the Kentucky State Fair. In her spare time, she has started writing books and is quickly becoming well-known outside of Kentucky.

Mrs. Keam has written a fun, exciting and humorous book. The feel of this book allows you to visualize the Kentucky Palisades, even if you have never seen them. She throws in locally known areas like the Lexington Farmers’ Market and Al’s Bar. All the characters are well developed, each rich with his or her own eccentricities. Ms. Keam writing is more like lyrical prose, leaving the readers wanting to know more of Josiah's life and clamoring for the next book.

**This can be read as a stand-alone book, but I highly recommend reading the first book - DEATH BY A HONEYBEE.**

UFO: Unidentified Feathered Object

UFO: Unidentified Feathered Object
Marie Mitchell and Mason Smith
Ryan Lanigan (Illustrator)

Reading level: Ages 9-12
Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: The Clark Group
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0983263930
ISBN-13: 978-0983263937

Product Description:
Tim Dixon wants to be home playing video games like most teens. Instead, he's paddling a boat, through the swamp, at night, searching for a bird that's been extinct for years. Tim's cousin, Abby, insists they prove that a Cape May Woodpecker is still alive, and living in their small Kentucky county. Felix Wilson recently spotted the distinctive bird-right where a road is to be built. But Felix has also witnessed UFOs: the flying saucer kind. Still, the publicity has attracted a shady businessman, bizarre birdwatchers, and a whacky weatherman, not to mention a scary Bog Monster-and aliens. Surrounded by such chaos, can the cousins locate the cagey bird before bulldozers level its home?

I think the concept for this book makes it a fun read, but also educational. Children will enjoy reading or hearing about the Cape May bird, but it will make them think about the extinction of animals in their own areas.

Tim Dixon and his cousin, Abby Thomas, have lived next-door to each other all their lives. Their mothers were sisters and they didn’t want to be split up, so Tim and Abby grew up more like brother and sister instead of cousins, especially being the same age.

Felix Wilson an amateur bird watcher, but the town people think he is crazy because he believes in UFO – like in alien - outer space life. Felix comes back from a boating adventure in the Slough yelling about his sighting of the Cap May Woodpecker. The problem with this statement was the Cape May had been extinct since 1937, but that didn’t stop hundreds of bird watchers from running to Buckner County, Kentucky. All these birders had one thing in common – adding the Cape May Woodpecker to their live-list of birds seen and identified.

The Cape May Woodpecker is a very large woodpecker with a red topknot, nearly all white wings, black tail feathers and a long black bill. Before extinction it was considered the largest woodpecker at 20 inches long. It has a distinct call – kik-kik-kik-kik. In order to confirm the sighting, Dr. Goldie Finch, the State Ornithologist (bird expert) is sent to Buckner County, but unfortunately she cannot confirm the presence of the Cap May with only one sighting from an unstable man.

The race is on to find evidence of the Cap May before a road is built through the Slough, completely destroying the bird’s habitat. It all comes down the Tim and Abby’s grandmother, who has suffered from Alzheimer’s disease for one year. She was an avid sketcher and would sketch anything in sight. The children find a sketch of the Cap May and shorthand notes describing what the grandmother saw.
Will this be enough to halt construction on the road? Or will the supposedly extinct Cape May be lost again, never to come back?

UFO – Unidentified Feathered Object is a fast read and very educational when it comes to teaching extinction to middle school students. I will be anxious to read the next book in the series and I plan on finding the first books of the series. According to the authors: "This is the newest book in the series. Teachers will find the "green" aspects of the book provide many teaching moments. The book discusses loss of wetland habitat, species loss and extinction, and some of the techniques of birding."

Info about authors:
"Marie Mitchell of Richmond, Kentucky, has two series of books available for young readers of middle school age. The first series currently has three books: "The Lost Dispatch" about a Civil War re-enactment in Perryville, KY; "48 Hours," about a family that takes part in the national "48-Hour Film Project," and finally, "UFO: Unidentified Feathered Object," about a long-extinct bird spotted in Kentucky. These were written with her husband, Mason Smith. The second series both are historical novels for young readers set at the Shaker Village in Kentucky in the 1830s, "The Road to Pleasant Hill," and "'Tis A Gift." These were written with her sister Rebecca Mitchell Turney."

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Images of America: Harrodsburg

Soon to be released from Arcadia Publishing is Images of America: Harrodsburg, written by Harrodsburg’s Bobbi Dawn Rightmyer (writer) and Anna Armstrong (photography). The book will be released the week of August 8th, but is already up for pre-order on several different websites:

Barnes and Noble

As of this moment, we are not sure when the book launch and signing will be, but we will keep you up-to-date.

Here is an excerpt from Images of America: Harrodsburg:
“Harrodsburg is the oldest permanent settlement west of the Allegheny Mountains and was founded in 1774 by James Harrod. Images of America: Harrodsburg covers the city limits from the late 1770s to the early 1960s and provides over 220 images from the Armstrong Collection, the Harrodsburg Historical Society, the Mercer County Public Library and the Kentucky Historical Society. Within these pages, experience and explore Harrodsburg during the pivotal era at the beginning of the great commonwealth – from the settlement of Old Fort Harrod to the “Saratoga of the West” mineral springs and spas. Follow the growth, hard times, and recovery of Harrodsburg, including government and growing businesses, advancements in education, the rise of religious institutions, and local and visiting celebrities. These well-preserved photographs from the entrepreneurs, grand openings, and expert news reporting all the reader to step back in time.”

Sorry for the shameless promotion, but this is a wonderful book about Harrodsburg - the oldest permanent settlement in Kentucky. Please try to buy a copy! This will also be great for tourist who will be visiting our area on vacations.

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Writing Contest Deadlines

Clarity of Night is fast approaching its deadline for the "Elemental" Short Fiction Contest. Check out the website for the photograph prompt and all the submission guidelines. Clarity of Night is the property of Jason Evans

Prize winners will receive:

1st Place: $50 Amazon gift certificate

2nd Place: $35 Amazon gift certificate

3rd Place: $30 Amazon gift certificate

4th Place: $25 Amazon gift certificate

5th Place: $20 Amazon gift certificate

Readers' Choice Award: $40 Amazon Gift certificate

Fast approaching is Accents Publishing deadline for the 2011 International Poetry Chapbook. The entry fee if $20 and the last day for submission is July 31, 2001. There will be 2 winners and each will have their books published and receive $500. Check website for more details. Accents Publishing was established by Katerina Stoykova-Klemer.

Also, the Sarabande Books deadline for The 2011 Linda Bruckheimer Series in Kentucky Literature. will end on July 31, 2011. To be eligible for this contest you must be one of the following:
--who is a native of Kentucky, or
--who has lived in Kentucky for at least two years, or
--whose manuscript is set in Kentucky, or
--whose manuscript is about Kentucky.

There is no entry fee, but the winner will have their book published.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

On A Hot Summer Night


Sarah, answer your phone
Clang, clang of the see-saw
Squeak of the swings
Watch both ways
Siren from fire truck
Kids squealing
Kids laughing
The ice cream truck bell
Leaves rustling
Birds crying
Wind blowing
Words forming