Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ode to Orange Slice Cake

Last year, my youngest daughter, Chris, baked me an Orange Slice Cake for the very first time, but I was unable to enjoy because of my illness. I'm hoping she will indulge me again this year and bake another one because I will gobble it up! The following poem was written three years ago.


Ode to Orange Slice Cake

By Bobbi Rightmyer

Although butter is no longer my friend
it is hard to resist the creamy fluff it makes
when blended into sugar so pure and so white.
The eggs combine to give more texture still,
to the all-purpose flour that forms the cake.
Yummy dates so sweet
with pecans and coconut
give an irresistible taste delight to make a mouth water.
But it is the candied orange slices that make this dessert
a heavenly, to die for treat.
Orange slice cake comes but once a year
at a time when Old St. Nick is near. 


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