Monday, December 28, 2015

Spring bulbs are popping up

With the warm spring-like weather we have seen in the Bluegrass Region during December, it is not uncommon to have spring bulbs start popping up out of the ground.


There are certain bulbs that will make an appearance in the fall as a normal and expected occurrence. Grape hyacinths do it, as well as most bulbs in the Allium family, including garlic. My granny used to tell me the plants were saying, "Don't dig here!'" as we would look for yet another place to put fall-planted bulbs.

Most of us would agree we have had very unusual weather here in the Bluegrass Region. In Kentucky, we had way too much rain in over the course of the spring, summer and fall.

The fall season was beautiful and it stayed warmer longer than usual. We got a nice amount of rain and the gardens perked up. Last week, during the Christmas holiday, it was 60+°F. While unpredictable weather is characteristic of the Bluegrass, this has been a strange year for weather.

No wonder our gardens are confused! With bulbs relying on temperatures to regulate their growth and blooming schedules, many of them just don't know whether to sleep or leap. The crocus are blooming and daffodils, tulips and garlic are up about two inches all over the gardens. Now I’m just going to let Mother Nature take over and protect these super producing bulbs and give me beautiful flowers in the spring.

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