Thursday, December 24, 2015

Past Santa Traditions

Here are a few Christmas traditions I had when my children were little:


1.) Santa's kiss - I always kept a cheap tube of bright red lipstick in my medicine cabinet. Every Christmas Eve - after the kids were asleep - I would coat my lips with red and then kiss each girl on the cheek. On Christmas morning, Mommy or Daddy would point out the Santa kiss and the girls would be so excited.


2.) Magic Reindeer Food - On Christmas Eve before bedtime, the girls would go into the front yard and sprinkle a trail of Magic Reindeer Food to attract the reindeer. The Magic Reindeer Food is simply rolled oats and white glitter mixed together. The glitter helps the reindeer see the lawn and the oats give them something to eat. Luckily for parents, the trail melts into the lawn with the first rain or snow.


3.) Presents from Santa - We always wrapped all the gifts from Santa and each girl had a different kind of wrapping paper. This way, we could hide presents all around the tree, but still know which girl got which present.


4.) Presents in the tree - This was a tradition in my hubby's family, so we adopted it for our own. We typically hide smaller packages up inside the tree branches. The girls enjoyed finding new presents throughout the tree. The problem is, I always seem to forget one present and we find it when we are taking the tree down. My family is always excited to see who will get the "forgotten" present every year.

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