Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Mrs. Greenhands - Unusual gardening ideas

During this time of year, especially this year with its mild temperatures, many thoughts turn to garden. Now is the time to start planning what your garden will be for the coming growing season. 

You are probably receiving all types ofgardening and seed catalogs in the meal and your visions are full of all the gardening possibilities.
This year, maybe think more about container gardening. Container gardening gives you some advantages over regular gardening:

1. Contains warm sooner than the ground soil, so you are able to plant some crops sooner.
2. You can place containers where you like them in the garden.
3. Containers are easier to water and maintain than regular garden bed.

There are many things that can be used as a container for gardening: wheelbarrows, old buckets, and old cooking pots, anything that will hold soil can potentially be used to garden with.

One of my favorite items to use in gardening is used tires – either car or tractor tires. They can be used for all types of gardening, or as compost heaps. Place them in the garden, fill with good garden soil and presto, you have an instant garden.

This year I found the pictured flower garden and I have plans to make this for my coming gardens. It is basically several car tires painted different colors and stacked in varying order. When the tires are in the shape you want them, fill with garden soil and plant. Instant beauty and an easy way to have color all through the growing season.

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