Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mrs. Greenhands - Gardening journals

January is a great month for gardening – not digging in the soil or nurturing flowers, but in planning your new gardens with the use of gardening catalogs. At this time of year, gardening catalogs are arriving in mailboxes and email inboxes are full of gardening specials. It is so fulfilling to clip photos and information of new plants and flowers into your gardening notebook or journal.

In addition to including your dreams in a gardening journal, it is worthwhile to record current day to day information from your actual gardens. You can start by including the daily temperature ups and downs as well as the actual weather conditions. You will also want to note the emergence and blooming of each month’s flowers. It is fun to look back from year to year and see when the first crocus or snowdrops bloomed.

If you do not have a gardening notebook or journal, now is the time to start on and fill it with you wishes and expectations for the coming gardening season. Use your journal to plan new garden spaces or to expand current areas with new species of plants, flowers and vegetables. Gardening journals will keep all of your notes for years to come and will allow to you look at your gardening progression throughout the years.

When you have formed a habit of recording the day-to-day conditions of your garden – the plants, the challenges, what you hope for the future – you can start to add articles and research about a new plant you would love to own. As your journaling grows, you will wonder how you were ever able to garden properly without the use of your journals and notes.

Why not make it a gardening New Year’s resolution and start a gardening journal today. If you live in the Bluegrass Region, then you can record the snowfall we are having, as well as the high and low temperatures. When the newest gardening catalog arrives in the mail, plan out a new perennial border or a kitchen garden. Dream of plants to include in current gardens and work up an agenda of how you are going to meet your current gardening goals. Journals are a way of keeping you current in the gardening world and to keep you involved in gardening research.

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