Wednesday, August 26, 2015


(Photo by Dan Felstead of Wood and Pixel Narratives)


There is a stillness in the darkness
enveloping the world,
fear stalks the living.

A pale, peaceful moon illuminates
the great expanse of lawn,
but the barn upon it will know no peace
because of disappointment leading to terror;
a welcoming touch that can cause death or destruction.

It is dusk and faint rays of light come down
to creep across the silent meadows and fields;
secrets, secrets that could cost a life.

The sun has gone down and the night seems
lonelier than before
and we live with the fear.


  1. Bobbi - you're teasing me. Tickling my fanciful thinking with whispwes of things that go bump in the night..or stumble as flickering shadows in light. I'm hanging by dangerously brittle fingernails waiting for this harbinger of nightmares to reveal himself. Don't leave me dangling so dangerously close to the precipice. Stitch the pieces together before this dream ends and I fall.