Monday, March 21, 2016

Unseen Wonders

Unseen Wonders

I know they're around me every day
The evidence is right before my eyes
A beautiful flower, a glistening rock
A heavenly scent from above

Some will tell you things are not real
If you can't see or smell or feel
But I believe in the unexplainable
The unseeable wonders abound

What of the stars way up in the heavens
Or the fluffy clouds floating by
What of the sun and the moon
I can't touch them, but they're real

So, what of prayers escaping from lips
Hushed and hurried, whispered in vain
Does God really hear, is he listening to all
Faith, I have faith he can hear

So, what of dreams filling our heads
Wishes and goals constantly thought
Do our dreams come true, does wishing make it so
Faith, I have faith dreams come true

So, what of love in this harsh world of ours
Does unconditional love still exist
Or has the me-me generation changed our path
Faith, I have faith love will see us through

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