Friday, August 5, 2011

Jesse V. Coffey - Kentucky Author

Jesse Coffey has been writing since she was a child, but has only been publishing her works within the last ten years. She has served as Staff Writer and Senior Editor for Writers Post Journal and Venus Envy magazines. She has also served as the Acquisitions and Copy Editor for several publishers, such as LBF Books Inc., Eternal Press, and Moongypsy Press. She is a member of ASCAP, the International Order of Horror Professionals and the Erotic Authors Association.

Ms. Coffey currently writes for the news site as Lexington Literary Examiner, Lexington Writing Examiner, and the National Indie Romance Novel Examiner. She has written five books, but only four have been published to date:

1.) The Savior (paperback) - is a cross genre of historical fiction and fantasy. Toby Riordan time travels to the first century and meets a young Yeshua ben David long before he becomes Jesus the Christ. An angry mob forces them to leave one night on a journey that will change both of their lives and put them on the path to their individual destinies.

2.) The Brothers Campbell (paperback) - is straight historical fiction. Brothers Stephan and William Cameron are as different as night and day, seldom agreeing in temperament. But they can agree that Baron Joseph Turnbull is behind the death of their father and they're going to prove it--and it could possibly kill one or both in trying.

3.) A Wager of Blood (paperback – the latest novel) - is a really good ghost story that asks the question, "What would happen if...?" What would happen if two friends got together in a haunted in? What would happen if they decided to explore the upstairs? What would happen if they found a haunted room and learned about the terrible past? What would happen if one of them stepped into that haunted room...and disappeared? What would happen if...?

4.) Illusions and Reality (eBook) - is my current release in ebook form and will be out in trade paperback either this month or next. It's a short story collection with a little something for everyone--romance, humor, satire, fantasy. But each story always asks the question, "Is this illusion? Or is it reality?"

Illusions & Reality is a "cobbled together" book she hopes will be successful as an eBook. This book started when Ms. Coffey had been invited to a book signing in Pittsburgh with her past publisher and some others on a roster of authors. The only problem was her book at the time, A Wager of Blood, was not due to be released for another three or four months and she needed something to have for the signing.

Her current publisher and best friend, Jake, was the catalyst for reworking the short story collection, Illusions & Reality. Ms. Coffey was writing full time for a literary magazine, The Writers Post Journal, and she had a fairly good sized collection of short stories. Jake and another friend, Lorrieann, helped her go through the collection and pick out the best. These stories has already been edited, proofed, and polished, so they were publication ready. They also included an excerpt from Wager which got some interest in that book as well.

She is the host of a radio show, Edin Road Radio, aired through Blog Talk Radio. This show focuses on reading works by new authors.

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